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The different equestrian disciplines we organise:



The jumping is to complete a course of coloured obstacles in an arena without fault. The tests are intended to demonstrate the horse's honesty, power, skill, speed and respect for the fence. It also showcases the quality and skill of the rider. 

Show jumping is the leading discipline in France. It represents more than 80% of competition activity, both in terms of competitors and competitions held. It has the advantage of being an easy discipline to understand. The spectator sees if a pole falls or not and the clock shows who is the fastest.
Even if judgmental subtleties arise, the verdict of the poles and the clock are accepted by all. It is a discipline that is becoming more and more technical. The poles have become lighter, the long strides where the horse is asked to stretch and the short strides where a collected stride is needed are alternated. It is complicated further by a variety of fences such as water or a brush jump in the last Olympics ...


Eventing requires the rider to have experience of 3 equestrian disciplines and precise knowledge of the horse's abilities. The horse has skills resulting from careful and rational training. Eventing is the King of the equestrian disciplines.  Fans of eventing appreciate the relationship between horse and rider.  Originating as a cavalry test for officers’ chargers. The Fédération Équestre Internationale (International Equestrian Federation), which supervises international competition, calls the event Concours Complet d’Équitation (“Complete Competitive Examination in Horsemanship”)

Eventing consists of three tests:

- The dressage competition tests the horse’s obedience and the rider’s ability. It consists of a series of movements at the trot, walk, and canter; performance is judged on a point system for each required movement. “General impression” is also judged, and points are deducted for performing the movements in the wrong order.

- The cross country to show the bravery of the horse and rider along with control of speed imposed in outdoor riding in varying climates and ground conditions. It is considered the most difficult event of the competition and is a test of speed, endurance, and jumping ability. The length of the course varies according to the level of the event.

- Showjumping to show the suppleness, agility and attitude of the horse. Penalty marks are given for failing to clear obstacles and for exceeding the time limit.

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